Giving Pledge

From day one, my parents have been instrumental in instilling the ethos of philanthropy particularly my responsibility as a Muslim to give and care for the less fortunate in our society. Our role as citizens of this world is to truly to support the betterment of our society so that our future generations and their offspring grow up to live even better lives and strive for even more than they think is possible for them today.

In July 2016, I decided to formalized my commitment by joining the Giving Pledge, promising to give away at least half of y wealth to philanthropic causes. By signing this pledge, I hope to inspire my peers, fellow Africans and citizens of the world to take a close look at the funds they truly need to maintain their families verses their ability to give. In retrospect, many of us have well-above what we need while constantly accruing a list of what we want in this life. We all have a moral obligation as the more affluent in society to give back as best we know how. I’ll leave you with a few words I share with many of my comrades: ‘When God blesses you financially, don’t raise your standard of living. Raise your standard of GIVING.’”

If you’d like to learn more about my commitment, please read my pledge letter below:


Mo Dewji Foundation

The idea for the Mo Dewji Foundation was conceived in 2000, when the CEO of MeTL Group, Mohammed Dewji, driven by passion and ambitions for the society, made great efforts to develop and expand the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and its role in creating positive change. The Mo Dewji Foundation now conducts all CSR operations of MeTL Group.

The Mo Dewji Foundation focuses on improving life conditions in Tanzania in several areas:

  • Promoting education in order to create a pathway for the population, especially the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, to lead to a more productive, equitable and just society.
  • Strengthening healthcare systems and creating purified drinking water to assist in disease prevention.
  • Supporting community development efforts in order to help build self-sustaining and successful communities throughout Tanzania.

Mo Dewji Foundation currently operates several programs and aims to involve itself in new and innovative projects to provide services and support for less fortunate members of the community. We work by giving grants as well as implementing our own projects, and we establish partnerships with both charitable organizations and businesses. All of our administrative costs are covered by the generosity of MeTL Group, meaning that 100% of our spending goes directly towards improving the lives of Tanzanians.


Singida Yetu

 I established an organization called Singida Yetu in 2006. Singida is one of the poorest regions of Tanzania. Singida Yetu’s aim is to improve the lives of Tanzanians living in the region by helping to create an environment in which citizens, local government, civil society and the private sector form collaborative partnerships towards sustainable socio-economic development.

Since its launch Singida Yetu has spent more than two billion Tanzanian Shillings on a wide range of activities. These include: constructing schools, drilling wells, distributing mosquito nets, supplying maize flour during the 2005-2006 drought, scholarships for secondary school, healthcare for the critically ill, constructing an eye-unit at the regional hospital, installing street lighting, food support for those with HIV/Aids, rehabilitating mosques and churches, purchasing sports equipment and equipping farmers.